Residents were left without electricity, telephones and ATMs

2.5 thousand people were left without electricity in Novosibirsk. In the afternoon, there has been no electricity in 17 houses of the microdistrict since 7 pm yesterday. Large shops are closed, small kiosks only accept cash.

– I urgently need water, but I only have a card with me, ATMs do not work either, – a girl in a hastily thrown down jacket looks imploringly into the eyes of the saleswoman.

– Maybe you will be able to translate by phone? The woman behind the counter sighs.

– So the phone is also discharged, – a resident of the microdistrict almost cries.

Angelina with her husband and two-year-old daughter live on Sportivnaya Street. Now Angelina heats water on a gas stove for the neighbors. On the floor, everyone has small children, without boiling water – no way.

“We bought the tiles in July last year,” says Angelina. – Then the light in the house was turned off for the first time, we had to go to our parents. We decided that it was not an option to do this every time. And this time the grandfathers are sick with covid, we have nowhere to go.

After the summer incident, the lights in the house were turned off three more times, at least for a day.

Angelina’s husband works remotely. Well, and then the family got out – the Internet is distributed through the phone, the phone is charged from the laptop, and it, in turn, is charged from the car battery.

“We, young parents, have to adapt to any situation,” Angelina smiles. – Food is on the balcony, now my husband will get some more candles, we burned everything yesterday.

“We are lucky, we have a child now with my grandmother,” says Nikita, a resident of Chistaya Sloboda. – Of course, there is no way to cook on our own in such conditions. Food delivery was ordered. It was also lucky that the power bank was fully charged, so we charge the phones from it, as long as there is enough. Last night we just went to bed, so we solved all the problems. They promise to give light today, but we’ll see.

The management company “KPD-Gazstroy exploitation” announced the issuance of hot meals from 12:00 to 13:00 on Titova Street, 264 and Sportivnaya Street, 23. And at two o’clock in the afternoon a military vehicle with a field kitchen drove up to the house on Titov. The servicemen pull out a large cauldron and start distributing buckwheat, boiling water, tea and bread.

“There’s a man for 600-700 servings,” a man in military uniform notes.

– We were told that at 12 o’clock there will be a field kitchen, I stand here for an hour with a baby, – a girl with a large stroller told in confusion.

A field kitchen was deployed on the second floor of the building, in the premises of the management company. The young mother looked in bewilderment at her stroller, then at the stairs, until a girl who looked like a schoolgirl came up to her and offered help. She said that she would pour boiling water into a jar and bring it to her apartment. The girl thanked the savior and rolled the stroller towards the house.

– And we have also turned off the water, – the pensioner in the queue mutters displeasedly.

“Nothing of the kind,” her neighbor interrupts rudely. – Only there was no light. Although this may be the only way with us. All food was taken out of the refrigerator to the balcony, but it would have been summer – and what to do?

– While it all looks like an adventure, – says the woman with a small thermos. – Except for those who have sick parents or small children. Although our neighbors share boiling water at home. Those with burners.

“I was at work for a day, I read messages in the chat that they are giving out boiling water to pensioners, and I came,” a local resident told the NGS correspondent. My brother went to work for a day, naturally, hungry. I’ll take the hot one and take it away.

The workers are still rebuilding the line. Male construction workers sigh heavily and say that there is still a lot of work – at least five to six hours.

– The cable was broken, now we are restoring it, – one of the builders told the NGS correspondent. – At one o’clock in the morning, our brigade was summoned, worked all night, changed in the morning. There is still a lot of work to do. Maybe we’ll just finish by late evening. But it is difficult to make any predictions.

– Three 10 kV cable lines were damaged. As a result, additional damage to one more line was revealed, thus, all supply lines were damaged – both the main and backup ones. The culprit of the damage has been identified – the work on puncturing the soil was carried out by the contractor “Spetspromstroy”, which, according to the information available to JSC “RES”, is the contractor of the developer of the microdistrict. In relation to the contractor, an appropriate protocol on damage to the electrical network facility has been drawn up, in which the fact of damage is recorded, – reported the press service of the RES.

The KPD-Gazstroy Group of Companies confirmed that the contractor worked on their order.

– The contractor carried out work on the construction of external networks in accordance with the project documentation. All specialized services were promptly involved in eliminating the emergency. The emergency situation is promptly eliminated and will not affect the timing of the commissioning of houses in the new cluster of the microdistrict. Most of the work at the facilities – installation, finishing – continues as usual and is carried out in accordance with the schedule, the company explained.

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