The developer has come up with a block with a square and a fountain for everyone

The Mylzavod quarter will be built on the site of the fat plant in the center of Novosibirsk. Improvement – with alleys, a fountain and playgrounds – the developer promises to do for everyone, and not just for residents of new houses

For a long time, the empty half of the residential complex “Lights of Siberia” begins a new construction: the company “Brusnika. Sibakademstroy received the first building permit here and by 2025 plans to build a whole block with urban villas and 30-storey towers. For this place, the architects have come up with a new approach, and part of the landscaping, including the square with the fountain, will go to not only the locals, but also all the townspeople. Where will the courtyards be hidden, what will be on the roofs of the towers and whether the new quarter will become a breakthrough, Liza Pichugina found out.

At the end of February, the company “Brusnika. Sibakademstroy “received permission to build the first house on the former territory of the fat plant, where the residential complex” Lights of Siberia “was built – the developer bought half of the project from the” City in the city “last year.

Initially, “Brusnika” announced in the new project 7 houses of variable number of storeys with a total area of ​​about 80 thousand square meters. By the start of construction, the total area of ​​housing in the new quarter did not change, but the number of houses increased to nine: two urban villas, four 17-storey and three 30-storey towers. In “Brusnika” they said that the concept of the new quarter was developed jointly with the Dutch and German architects, and it was named “Mylzavod” – in memory of the enterprise in the place of which it will appear.

– At the time of the NEP, an industrial enterprise was built on this site, producing more than thirty types of soap. Its products were famous for their high quality and were exported. In 2012, the plant ceased to exist. The site on which it stood was included in the renovation program for the central districts of Novosibirsk and given over for residential development, the company said.

All houses will have a green roof, in urban villas it will be possible to put sun loungers on it and relax. The territory inside the block will be pedestrian and publicly accessible to everyone, and private courtyards will be located along the edges – they are marked in red on the diagram

Like the Lights of Siberia, the new quarter will be “put” on a stylobate (a common ground floor uniting several buildings. – Ed.), Only it will have a different purpose. If the neighbors have parking there, then in Mylzavod the stylobate will be raised at the edges, and it will be occupied by shops and offices, and the parking for 775 cars will be underground, with “green” lightboxes and installations – this is how Brusnika designed parking lots in one of the projects in Yekaterinburg.

They promise to arrange parking, as in Yekaterinburg: with huge lightboxes, inside of which greenhouses seem to be hiding

The concept of courtyards should become a feature of the new quarter. The developer plans to make the space inside the block, where there will be a square with a fountain, walking alleys and children’s play areas, publicly available for all Novosibirsk residents.

– A retail front will be deployed to it. The townspeople will be able to get to the territory of the quarter through the arched passages and commercial premises of the stylobate, the developer said.

You can get inside the block through the arches or through the shops located in the stylobate. The quarter will be separated from neighboring plots by driveways

For the residents, the architects came up with closed chamber courtyards between the houses along the perimeter, which will be surrounded by a hedge. In addition, the roofs of all houses, including high-rise buildings, are planned to be made “green”. True, it will be possible to walk only on the roofs of urban villas and only to their residents.

– In them, the designers have provided for two-level apartments with summer kitchens and roof terraces, – said in “Brusnika”. “Here, residents will be able to install sports equipment, swings or outdoor furniture and use this space as a dining area during the warmer months.

The first house will be built on the side of the Shamshin Family Street – it will be one of two 9-storey urban villas with an underground floor. According to the building permit, the house will have 74 apartments, 12 offices and 86 storerooms. The cost of the apartments has not yet been determined.

The company clarified that in the first stage of construction there will be two such houses, then a 30-storey tower will be built at Mylzavod, followed by two 17-storey ones. The first houses are planned to be commissioned in 2023, and the entire quarter will be completed in 2025.

Roman Petrenko, a real estate specialist at the Etazhi agency, noted that the success of such a format as urban villas strongly depends on the location. For example, similar houses in the project “Brusniki” on Nikitin Street, according to his observations, “did not come in”, and in the new Aviator quarter on Airport Street they are of interest to buyers.

Grigory Yakobson, managing director of Exhibition of New Buildings, is skeptical about the new quarter.

“There is no longer a wow effect and a unique product,” he says. – The city lacks fresh breath, but not in terms of marketing, fountains and landscaping – this is Novosibirsk, it is strange to sell fountains here. It’s like an arms race, only in our case – the equipment of residential complexes. The developer sells buns that are disproportionate to the price per square meter.

The layouts will include apartments with a second light, master bedrooms (with adjoining dressing rooms and bathrooms) and windows in dressing rooms, and penthouses with terraces have been designed on the last floors of high-rise buildings.

At the same time, in general, the place for the complex is successful, says Grigory Yakobson, albeit “bewitched”, given that the “City in the City” could not realize the original idea with the development. There are no problems with exits: the quarters are compact, and there are many alternative passages in any direction. However, problems may arise due to the congestion of rather narrow streets.

– The complex in the middle of the city is healthy, the roads there really are not designed for a whole new microdistrict, but beauty requires sacrifice: if you want to live in the center, get it, – states Roman Petrenko.

However, there is a trolleybus running along Pisarev, on foot in a few minutes you can reach the end of tram 13, and in a couple of minutes – to Krasny Prospekt and the Gagarinskaya metro station. Problems may arise with the social infrastructure: the area is quite densely built, but there are only two schools and only four kindergartens.

Experts disagreed on the assessment of the new project, but for this part of the city it could be successful

At the time of the sale of a part of the territory of the Fire of Siberia project, experts noted that it is unlikely to compete with the Brusniki quarter – different concepts and target audiences. Today, the City in the City company is completing House No. 1 within the framework of the Lights of Siberia, and at the end of last year it began to build another “candle” from the side of Semyi Shamshin Street. Studio with an area of ​​25 sq. m here you can buy for 3.5 million rubles, but in the new project “Brusniki”, said the specialist “Etazha”, the cost will be higher – up to 150 thousand rubles per square meter. m.

– But they will enter carefully and restrained, for buyers they have discounts and gifts, like pantries, – he added.

The territory in the area of ​​Pisarev Street, Roman Petrenko noted, has been very popular in recent years, and apartments in newly built and under construction residential complexes there – the Ostrovsky residential complex from the SMSS Group of Companies, the Krasnoobsk.Montazhspetsstroy new building, the Lazurit residential complex from Cameos ”- sold out quickly enough.

Fire of Siberia and Mylzavod are being erected on former industrial territories, and from this point of view, the potential for development in this area is rich. In particular, the “City in the City” owns a site with an industrial building at 94, Semyi Shamshin Street, but so far no plans to redevelop this territory have been announced.

In February “Lingonberry. Sibakademstroy “handed over the keys to the owners of apartments in an unusual house with bridges on the 9th floor – the NGS was one of the first to visit it.

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