Beauties over 50 years old with gorgeous figures, how they manage to look younger

These beauties look great for their age – they told how they do it. They say that with age, a woman cannot keep her figure in shape: the nasty extra pounds will still break through and spread comfortably throughout the body.

It is convenient to take this position as an excuse for yourself and drink tea with a bagel with peace of mind.

The heroines of our article brilliantly proved the opposite: you can be slim at any age, if you make an effort. For the sake of fairness, let’s say that genetics and lifestyle play an important role here. These women, as in their youth, catch admiring glances and receive a million compliments.

We asked them how to keep the girlish figure.

Raisa Gorokhova, 64, retired, former design engineer

– After forty years, I began to notice that my weight is growing steadily. I think that this is familiar to many. There is an opinion that with age all women get fat and this is kind of normal. And I also heard that daughters inherit the forms of their mothers: “Look at your mother-in-law, and you will understand what your wife will be like in 30 years.”

My mother weighed over 100 kg, and I did not want to follow in her footsteps, but there was not enough motivation, and it seemed to me that I was eating a little. But all of a sudden, I had just a flying motivation: my daughter was going to throw out her coat, and I really liked it. I tried it on – it doesn’t fit, and within literally 1–2 minutes I decided that I needed to reduce my waist by 4–5 cm. By that time I had basic knowledge, because we all, in principle, know our sins in nutrition. I didn’t wait for Monday, I started abruptly, with food.

I made a menu for myself from the products usual for our natural strip: cereals, dairy products, cottage cheese, boiled eggs, vegetable soup like minestrone in the afternoon, boiled fish or white meat with stewed vegetables in the evening, fruits – all the most common without truffles, avocados and hazel grouses. She excluded sugar, bread and salt at that time.

Plus to this – gymnastics in the morning and evening walking 5 km at a brisk pace every day in any weather. Within two months, I lost 10 kg and began to weigh 58 kg. I have been holding this weight for over 15 years. I am a big sweet tooth, but I found a way out for myself: I made fasting days on Wednesdays on dark 90% chocolate, 150 grams per day. The body was jubilant from such a diet.

Maintaining weight is easier than losing weight, and now I always think about what I eat. I don’t have a rigid diet, but I still limit myself to fried, smoked, and industrially prepared foods. I cook myself. And I am happy that I have learned to live without pain medications.

Gymnastics, cycling, evening walks at a fast pace – it stayed with me, and over time Latin American dances were added twice a week, and three years ago the modeling changed the dances.

Now I say thank you to myself for the decision I made many years ago, my life is filled with new acquaintances and interesting events. Movement is life, I assure you, this is the basic rule for maintaining health.

The now fashionable body-positive movement suggests that you need to accept yourself in any build. I accept this, but with a caveat: my wrinkles on my face do not interfere with my life, but if my muscles lose elasticity or my joints lose mobility, it will be a problem. And excess weight – it does not add health, it is an extra load on our joints, on the circulatory system, so I think that we must change what is in our power.

Olga Khokhlova, 63, model

– I have not used caring cosmetics for ten years, but recently I was presented with a cream and serum from the French cosmetic company Academie, so now I use them, I like it.

I don’t like sports, I do morning exercises extremely irregularly, only when I’m out of shape. My food is rather limited. At the age of 50, I began to gain weight and believed that this was inevitable due to the restructuring of the body, but by changing my diet due to health problems, I solved the problem with both weight and health. I mainly eat fruits, vegetables, sometimes fish, eggs, chocolate.

I do without a gym. When I started to gain weight, I went to yoga for several years. I find it very beneficial for muscles and ligaments. But yoga did not help me in any way in reducing weight and slimness of the body, but having changed my diet, I became more flexible and now I can do exercises that I could not do with yoga ten years ago. If you are very tired, then I think there is no need to mock your body, you need to give it rest.

Ten years ago, I definitely looked worse than now. For me, this is a paradox. I do not understand the reason why this is happening. Previously, I spent more time caring for my face and body, then I decided that too many cosmetics were imposed on us, and I minimized their use. But this is my personal point of view. I can assume that diet has an important role to play in this matter.

Elena Nikitina, 60 years old, retired

– I maintain my shape and size M thanks to everyday physical activity: walking, swimming, twisting a hoop, an exercise bike, doing stretching – I am not interested in doing the same thing every day.

I have been eating small portions of 150-200 grams since childhood, I can’t take it anymore, and I advise everyone not to stretch their stomachs. I eat whatever I want – the brain dictates. I will never eat, even if they offer something very tasty, if I don’t want to, my stomach doesn’t suck.

I drink water with lemon, about one liter a day. From 35 years old I tried to starve according to P. Bregg – withstood a week, drank only water with lemon and honey. I want to starve for a week in this post. An important point is to get out of fasting correctly. My rule in life is “I do not eat, but I try; there is to live, not the other way around. ” I eat simply and taught my daughters to simple food: all three daughters – 39, 33 and 28 years old – are slim.

I don’t exhaust myself with barbells, I think women don’t need strong male muscles. I do everything with pleasure and in front of the mirror, every day. I start the morning by examining my topless forms: I looked and decided what I would do today to improve my body, I am writing a plan for the day. I am a morning person by nature, so I do all good things in the morning, in the evening just walking before going to bed. I have always looked good, at any age. I gave birth to three children, and my weight was 53 kg. I have always watched my figure.

I constantly hear compliments about my figure and face. When I say that I am 60 years old, everyone’s eyes widen, the gashnik stopped and, seeing the year of birth, said: “Do you live in the refrigerator?” Of course, it’s nice when granddaughters are mistaken for daughters. You understand that your work does not pass without leaving a trace. Many people say genetics. She is only 20%, the rest is nutrition and lifestyle with physical activity.

Yulia Novikova, 57 years old, blogger

– I regularly visit a beautician, make beauty injections, masks, and other cosmetic procedures. It is more difficult to take care of the body with age, but I try: I work out with a trainer, go to weight loss trainings, go through a program called the endosphere – it rejuvenates the face and body. I live on a schedule and try not to break it. I have always looked good, at any age. Compliments are still given to me.

Tatyana Berezina, 54 years old, works in the landscaping industry

– Sport has been with me since childhood: running, skiing, skating, gymnastics. After marriage and the birth of children, I temporarily stopped practicing and only by the age of 48 returned regular sports to my life. I noticed that my figure had changed, I was still thin, but everything sagged, I did not like it. Then I found a suitable half-dance studio, I have been doing this direction for six years, I even went to competitions before the pandemic.

I don’t have a special diet, I’m lucky with my genes, I eat everything and don’t get fat. It should be noted here that, even despite a break in sports, I have always had physical activity: I work in jobs where I am constantly on the move, I like it.

I can’t imagine how it’s not to play sports. If I miss a workout, my mood worsens, and withdrawal begins. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. The result of doing half-dance can be seen with the naked eye: my figure is noticeably tightened, my muscles are in good shape. I don’t want to lose this feeling, so I don’t quit, I continue to study further.

Natalya Gudovskaya, 50 years old, aesthetic cosmetologist

– Every day I go in for sports, walk every day at least 7 km, do circular training in the fresh air, do dumbbells and an elastic band. I like to alternate: cardio day, deadlift day, abs. And dancing, of course. I dance everything from bachata to Argentine tango and zumba.

I eat like everyone else, but in moderation, I leave the table a little hungry. The menu is dominated by vegetables and lean meat, seafood. I wake up, breathe with my stomach, then light 100 jumps to wake up, two glasses of warm water with lemon to start the body – and forward, into a new day.

I do it with pleasure and every day is already a way of life. I can not live without physical activity: skating (a figure skater in childhood), skiing, snowboarding, a jump rope and an exercise bike are my friends. I won’t go to sleep if I don’t work out. But if I’m completely unbearable (sick or fever), then I massage my face and legs with the help of special vacuum cans.

I am always fit, thanks to genetics and lifestyle, but naturally, ten years ago I looked a little better. I live in a country where I will always be young. I am married to an Italian who is eight years younger than me. We have not yet given up the hope of having a child, although I am already a grandmother – I have two grandchildren. I constantly collect glances and compliments, I love and are loved, which is what I wish for everyone.

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