Completion of construction of the Eastern Bypass will change air quality in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk needs to complete the Eastern Bypass to improve the atmosphere. The emission from vehicles, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources, is stronger than from enterprises

Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of the NSO Yuriy Marchenko explained why the situation with air quality has worsened in the region. According to him, the completion of the construction of the Eastern bypass can help.

At the same time, brown coal from CHPP-5 had almost no effect on the situation.

Why the Eastern Bypass will help

— In the Novosibirsk region, the air situation has been stable for the past five years. In the specific gravity of pollution, 55% are emissions from road transport. The structure of pollutants includes boiler houses, industry and the private sector. Industry and thermal power generation are fairly stable in terms of emissions. Emissions from vehicles change more noticeably. Traffic regulation is of great importance.

At one time, when the Northern Bypass was built, the negative contribution of road transport fell by 15%. If today we completed the Eastern bypass and proceeded to the Southern one, it would be a significant contribution to unloading the territory of the metropolis from the negative impact of vehicles, — said Yuri Marchenko at a press conference at TASS.

Gasification of public transport is currently underway in the region — within five years, 298 units are to be refurbished for 3 billion and 200 million rubles.

About brown coal

The expert also answered the criticism towards coal-fired boilers.

— This is a traditional type of heat generation. And so it is impossible to immediately rebuild it to alternative sources, especially gas. And do not forget that this will somehow fall on our shoulders — as consumers. As for the transition to brown coal. Everyone forgets that we have one of the largest CHPPs in Novosibirsk, CHPP-3, has always worked at it. And there are no serious complaints about her activities. It is clear that the massive passage caused quite reasonable fears, especially since we know the practice of burning brown coal. But the coal that is produced in the Krasnoyarsk Territory turned out to be less negatively affecting the atmospheric air in terms of ash content and other substances, — the deputy minister added.

CHP and factories will not stop work

According to Marchenko, enterprises are now measuring the level of pollution in real time.

— From the point of view of the wind rose, CHPP-5 is the most conveniently located for the city of Novosibirsk. Almost all pollution goes outside Novosibirsk. In Siberia, at extremely low temperatures, it is difficult to expect that heat generation enterprises will reduce their productivity. The same applies to industry, especially with a continuous cycle, says the Deputy Minister.

The situation is the same at factories.

— There is a Ekran plant in the Zaeltsovskiy district, where the furnaces have been operating continuously for years. They will never be able to react quickly, no matter what plan we approve. In general, we forget the question that the practice of managing unfavorable meteorological conditions, which is being revived, raises the question: who will compensate for the lost income if productivity drops sharply? Transport in a large city is the most promising objects of regulation, Marchenko said.

In January it became known that the Siberian Generating Company had lost an appeal to Rostekhnadzor in the Arbitration Court regarding the transfer of CHPP-5 to brown coal. The power engineers were accused of not modernizing the boilers before using a new type of fuel. Experts have identified a number of violations — for example, it turned out that the station did not have crushers installed and there were no special cleaning devices on the boilers.

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