More than 300 houses left without hot water in Novosibirsk

At the moment, 379 houses have been disconnected from hot water. Thousands of residents of Novosibirsk today, September 21, were left without hot water in their homes, most of whom have not yet been connected to heating.

– Please, announce the topic about the cold in the apartments! On Gorskoye, the water is still running barely warm! Who is to bill that children get colds. XXI century in the yard, we pay a decent amount for communications every month, why should we freeze? Why was it impossible to start repairs earlier so that there were no accidents? Already there is no strength to endure this nonsense! – the readers of the NGS reported the night before.

The press service of the SGK said that at the moment 379 houses have been disconnected from hot water, no shutdowns on Gorskoye have been recorded today.

– Today, September 21, from 09:00 for one day, hot water was turned off for consumers in the Central District of Novosibirsk – due to the replacement of a damaged outlet pipe on the PNS-1 collector. This is a large main pipe, so there are a large number of houses in the shutdown zone – 301. We will finish the work today. We plan that hot water will start flowing into houses at 01:00 on September 22, – said the SGK.

Also today, in the morning, the brigades are carrying out repairs on the intra-block highway along Stantsionnaya Street in the Leninsky District.

– During the renovation – until 16:00 on September 22, hot water is turned off at 78 houses. Today the defect on the heating main along the Avtogennaya street in the Oktyabrsky district was fixed – earlier than planned. The heating main is being filled, we will restore hot water supply to 53 houses in the next few hours, the department added.

The Siberian generating company last week unveiled a schedule for connecting residential buildings.

Until heating was provided in Novosibirsk, not only people but also their pets were freezing. We asked our readers to send photos of how their cats and dogs are hiding under blankets due to extreme cold weather. Check out this cute selection here.

We also decided to remember when in the last five years heating was supplied in the city – look at this interesting picture.

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