Should real men take care of themselves?

The beauty industry is not asleep today, there are already more barbershops than beauty salons for women. The men’s manicure service is gaining popularity, and some men have even begun to extend their eyelashes.

Fashionable stylists make up basic capsules for a men’s wardrobe, and beauticians invite the stronger sex for a facelift and other procedures. Self-care is certainly important, but where its limit is not clear.

Should a real man take care of himself and how exactly it should be done – we decided to ask the men themselves about this. Here’s what they said.

Jan Pisaka, 26, sound engineer

– The most important thing, in my opinion, is that the person does not smell of sweat – taking a shower and using an effective deodorant. I will not say anything about the appearance, since this is an individual matter for everyone, everyone has their own views and their own tastes. In moments, I pay attention to what I am wearing, I like my wardrobe and I am satisfied with the way I look. Nowadays, gender studies are leveled, and we can see how men wear long hair and do manicure, and girls shave their heads baldly and dress in men’s stores, there is nothing like that. It is very strange that people still pay attention to such things. I believe that regardless of gender, a person should take care of himself to the best of his views and capabilities.

Nikolay Sokolov, 29 years old, MMA coach

– You need to be trimmed, take care of your beard, if you have one (if you don’t know how to do it yourself – contact a specialist). If there are no funds and you do not want to study, shave off. Things should be clean, ironed. The smell from a man should be pleasant, perfume is welcome, the smell of sweat is not. If you have acne on your face – many different products are sold, work on it, it does not work out – contact a specialist. Self-care is important and necessary, but we live in the 21st century, except perhaps not to borscht – for example, to shave the hair on the chest. What is important is what you are wearing, because you want to look good. I devote little time to this and I do not combine clothes with each other, but I do not consider a properly selected wardrobe only a feminine theme.

Igor Vechersky, 38 years old, artist

– In many cultures, attention was paid to appearance not only by women, but also by men. For example, the Vikings, who kept the whole of Europe in fear, were very scrupulous about how they looked – they braided braids both on their heads and on their beards, put on skins, decorated armor and weapons. Only the slaves did not look after themselves, they were shaved baldly. A slave should not love himself, he should only love the master.

Of course, there are gender differences between men and women. A man, in my opinion, should remain himself and not lose the distinctive features characteristic of his gender. Not to become feminine, but by retaining masculinity, to make it aesthetic. Let’s turn to nature, take a look at the king of beasts – the lion. After all, he is more beautiful than a lioness, he has an ornament in the form of a mane. Moreover, this is one of the most powerful and dangerous predators on our planet, and hardly anyone will reproach a lion for a lack of masculinity.

Stanislav Shevtsov, 30 years old, entrepreneur

– A man needs to do at least elementary things – wash, shave, and make perfume. Of course, it should not be up to the “squirrel” – to go to manicures and pedicures – not to lead to insanity. You need to be a man and take care of yourself like a man, and not bring yourself to a sweet boy.

I have many business and client meetings, so what I wear is important to me – in Russia they are always greeted by clothes. I try to combine clothes – not professionally, of course, as best I can. With age, the style of clothing changes: at the age of 30 I no longer wear sneakers and shoes – this is no longer serious, everything has its time. You need to dress well and stylishly, people always notice this, and you need to take care of yourself, but there is a limit to everything, you should not bother to the core.

Anton Matyuk, 31, fitness trainer

– Once a month haircut, trim the beard. I don’t see anything wrong with using an aftershave cream and moisturizing cream at night – we age quite quickly, we need to keep our skin toned. Once every six months I can go for a pedicure and a manicure – when I see that the hand of a specialist is already needed.

I do not like excessive hairiness, so I go to wax to remove hair on my chest and armpits. For some, this is unacceptable, but I like it. Sometimes I go to the solarium. I watch my body, go in for sports, eat a balanced diet – all this is reflected in the appearance. I pay special attention to clothes, I have a large wardrobe from sports style to classic.

I believe that you need to maintain your style and personality so that there is a highlight, and not just put on jeans and walk in the same for a year. Sometimes I consult with my girlfriend about what to wear, sometimes I look at how others are dressed and highlight something for myself.

Kirill Astakhov, 32, a representative of an alcohol company

– I believe that a modern man should watch and take care of himself, keep his body in good shape, go in for sports. Sports and physical activity are essential for a man. It is important to stay in balance with your body, spirit and thoughts. Recently I saw how a famous blogger did a manicure and wrote something on his nails – this is unacceptable for me personally. I try to match all the clothes in style. Naturally, I don’t combine classics and sports. In the color scheme I try to combine restraint, without variegation of colors.

Sergey Egorov, 40 years old, director of a law firm

– A man should take care of himself, but without fanaticism, although this is a personal matter for everyone. At a minimum, he should be neat, trimmed, if there is a beard or mustache, then they should be decorated. A man should be well dressed, not necessarily expensive, but tasteful and neat.

Personally, I’m not ready to do my own manicure, pedicure or hair styling. And I saw this, for me it is too much. I would also mention the physical form. As a rule, if a man goes to the gym, this can be seen in his appearance, posture, he is fit, looks strong, solid and confident. The phrase “meet by clothes” is true. The impression of a person is formed in the first minutes of communication.

A man’s style should be inextricably linked with his activities, work. Styling is optional, but desirable. And this does not mean that you will always and everywhere be in a business suit: somewhere – yes, but somewhere in something fashionable and modern, somewhere in a sports suit.

Everyone chooses how they look and dress, and I always respect a person’s choice. Someone looks cool, someone funny. In the first case, I will praise the person, in the second, I will smile, and that’s it. Such people are also needed for the diversity of our life.

I myself dress simply. The main thing is that I feel comfortable and comfortable and that I look neat. I don’t like ties, I don’t wear them very often. A certain style must be adhered to, at least to look dignified, and not ridiculous.

Andrey Pimenov, 32, manager in a cellular company

– We, men, are generally freaks freaks, and if we do not take care of ourselves, poor girls will meet with monsters. First, you need to wash at least once a week, at least. It is advisable to go to the barbershop once a month, but if it is expensive or uncomfortable for you there, you can always ask your mother – since you live together.

So, we are clean, cropped and shaved. Unfortunately, hair grows in men from all crevices, so you can still pull it out of the nose. The procedure is extremely painful, but invigorating. It is advisable that you are held by two men, and the third pulled. The hair on the shoulders – for some reason they decided that by the age of 30 they need to start growing there – gently, one at a time, pull out.

Remains a manicure. Nails grow continuously and quickly, and it is generally incomprehensible why, because we do not lubricate them with anything for growth, but nature still thinks that we are monsters and we get food with our hands. Therefore, once every 3 days, you need to cut your nails, trim them with a file (provided that you have a nail file) – you can always take it from your mother, because she is in the next room. Toenails are easier, since they are in socks most of the time and we rarely show them.

It is important that the clothes are warm, because if we do not dress for the weather, then we will need more time to stand in line at the clinic, in the pharmacy, but there is no time for that. I am very good at combining blacks and also a master at combining dark jeans with dark T-shirts, even women can turn to me for advice.

I believe that everyone has the right to take care of themselves as they like and look the way they want, and you shouldn’t bother with what others have to say. But you need to take care of yourself, because we are not very pretty anyway.

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