Rostransnadzor called on Russian Railways to strengthen control over the condition of incoming foreign wagons

Rostransnadzor notes the need to strengthen control by the Russian Railways OJSC (RZD) over the condition of foreign cars supplied to the infrastructure. This was stated by the deputy head of Rostransnadzor Sergey Vasiliev at a meeting of the department’s board.

«Thanks to the joint efforts of the service and the traffic safety department of Russian Railways, the issue with the breakage of the side frames of the cars of Russian owners has been resolved. At the same time, today we observe cases of breakage of the side frames of cars belonging to other states,» he noted. technical condition of foreign freight and passenger cars arriving at the Russian Railways infrastructure «.

During the field inspections carried out in August, Rostransnadzor revealed numerous violations of the technical condition of freight cars of foreign owners.

In particular, according to Vasiliev, the department revealed cases of operation on the Russian infrastructure of freight cars from Kazakhstan, equipped with uncertified side frames of Chinese production.

«The listed malfunctions are the result of poor-quality repairs carried out by foreign car-repair enterprises. Rostransnadzor monitors rolling stock cuts in order to identify foreign car-repair depots that systematically violate the requirements for low-quality rolling stock repairs. Based on the results of the analysis, appropriate measures will be taken within the powers provided to the service.» — he concluded.

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