Novosibirsk universities began to strengthen security after the tragedy in Perm

Novosibirsk universities began to strengthen security and tighten the access regime after the tragedy in Perm. Yesterday, a student at the Perm State National Research University opened fire in the educational building – as a result, 6 people were killed, 24 were wounded.

The shooter was detained – he was wounded, he was taken to the hospital and operated on. According to the latest information, he is in intensive care. The tragedy in Perm has sparked a new wave of discussions on safety in educational institutions.

– In connection with the events in Perm, the university organized an extraordinary check of the means of notification, the order of organization and duty of the security service. Also, for employees of the private security company (private security company), an extraordinary briefing and training is carried out to work out the order of actions when a signal of a terrorist threat arrives and its passage to the emergency phone number 112, – said the press service of the NSU.

Also, the press service of the university added that employees of a private security company, with which NSU has an agreement, are regularly practicing actions in the event of a terrorist threat.

The NSTU also said that after the tragedy in Perm, the university strengthened security measures and introduced mandatory control with metal detectors at the entrance.

– Also, a special briefing was carried out with the heads of groups, heads of departments, teachers that they should inform the university administration about any aggressive statements and aggressive behavior of students. This practice appeared in our country even after the tragic events of February 2021, as a result of the conflict between our students, one of them died. Now, in connection with the terrible events in Perm, we asked our teachers and students to be especially attentive to what the people around them say and do at the university, ”the press service of NSTU reported.

The NGPU reported that all objects of the university, dormitories and the surrounding area are guarded by private security companies.

– Entry to the territory is limited by barriers, the entrance to the educational buildings is carried out through the ACS (access control system) by passes, and educational buildings and hostels are equipped with alarm buttons. About 500 CCTV cameras have been installed on the territory of the NGPU, and their number is increasing every year. These security measures can be considered satisfactory for ensuring the normal educational process and functioning of the university, ”the press service of the NSPU said.

After the events in Perm, at the RANEPA IMS, the administration is carrying out several measures to ensure the safety of students and staff.

– Strengthened control over the established procedure for the passage of persons, the passage of vehicles, bringing in (taking out) / importing (exporting) property and material values, including with the help of a video surveillance system and a control and access control system, and, if necessary, use metal detectors. Employees on duty shifts of the security department carry out daily monitoring of video surveillance from cameras located around the perimeter of the territory, as well as at the entrances to the branch and student dormitories, the RANEPA press service replied.

In addition, on May 27, after the tragic events in Kazan, on the territory of the Siberian Institute of Management of the RANEPA, scheduled anti-terrorist exercises were held to check the readiness of the university for emergency situations, the effectiveness of interaction with law enforcement agencies and anti-terrorist security. For 2021, on the territory of the educational complex of the SIU RANEPA and in student dormitories, 5 training exercises are planned to evacuate people from buildings. Also, at the moment, it is planned to meet with the heads of the private security company on the issue of the quality of the provision of services. The administration of the SIU RANEPA expressed deep condolences to the victims during the shooting at the Perm State National Research University.

In mid-May, in Kazan, there was a shooting at gymnasium No. 175. A teenager burst in with a gun and shot people, the authorities confirmed the death of nine people, 21 people were injured. Later, the Interior Ministry said that the shooter acted alone. This is a 19 year old local. Then the cameras filmed how the Kazan shooter entered the school. May 12 was declared a day of mourning in Tatarstan.

The day after the tragedy, on May 12, the authorities and security forces of Novosibirsk checked the anti-terrorist security of more than 30 schools. Then the mayor’s office said that today all schools are equipped with video surveillance systems, metal detector frames and panic buttons. At the same time, the department of education of the mayor’s office sent a telephone message to all educational organizations with recommendations.

Today, the NGS published an author’s column by the director of a private Novosibirsk college, Sergei Chernyshov, in which he talked about the causes of the tragedy in Perm, and why Russia cannot protect children and students from such attacks.

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